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Developing talent through inspirational training since 2003

Inspiring Training and Development Courses

  • Team Building

    Team building Courses and Events

  • Wellbeing Series

    Wellbeing is fastly becoming an area of particular interest in both the personal and professional lives of employees and employers.
    Expressions has been working in the Wellbeing arena for over 25 years from health and fitness, through to mental health, stress and resilience and more recently being recognised as a thought leader on the subject of Happiness and Wellbeing speaking at public and conference events and helping organisations design and implement a wellbeing strategy.
    The Wellbeing Series includes a range of interventions from individual Cholesterol Testing, Blood Pressure and Heart Rate checks, Dietary Advice and Coaching through to bite sized to multiple day workshops on subjects such as

    • Wellbeing at Work
    • Stress and Coping
    • Resilience
    • Overcoming Anxiety and Low Mood
    • Managers toolkit for improved Wellbeing
    • Happiness and Motivation
    • Head 4 Success
    • Developing Grounded Confidence
    • Mindfulness 

    Whether delivered at an annual conference for a mass audience, small group workshops, or a series of bite sized interactive sessions or even on a one to one basis the specific details are aligned to the desired outcomes.

  • Customer Care Courses

    Happy customers are more likely to spend more with the business.
    Businesses with a keen eye on employee engagement outperform all others in metrics such as first contact resolution and client win-back rates.

  • Skills Clinics

    Skills Clinics

    • Presentation Skills
    • Project Management Development
    • Train the Trainer
    • Belbin Profiling
    • Personality Profiling

Management Training Course

Our award winning flagship Management Development programme consists of 8 or more interactive learning modules.

Leadership Training

Designed for senior managers or aspiring senior managers to advance their pragmatic leadership performance.

One to One

One to one and executive team coaching develops measurable personal, social and professional confidence and competence from assertiveness to business growth .

Team Building

Developing, working and performing together as an interdependent team achieving the focused success criteria.

Sales Training Courses

One to one, group, bespoke and conference style provision on how to sell with confidence.

Wellbeing Series

Engaged prevention training and programmes to enable your people to enhance their sustainable motivation and performance.

Customer Care Courses

The Customer Care programme is designed and delivered as a bespoke in-house solution to heighten the service delivery culture within any organisation.

Skills Clinics

Bite sized sessions ranging from 1 hour to multiple days addressing specific personal and professional skills.

Bespoke Training Courses

Half-day, 1 day or multiple interventions to assist individuals, teams and organisations scratch their itch and thrive.

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