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Feedback from some of our clients

  • April, 2022

    Amazing, made me realise a lot about myself and made me more confident going into a more team management role - Mia Green

    I feel much better equipped to have honest conversations - Amy O'Brien

    I definitely have a deeper understanding of what my job role can be.

    Thank you for your wisdom, support and positivity.

    Boulder Shack In-house Management Academy - 2021/22
  • April, 2022

    Only positive comments; I have recommended to a lot of people. Best course delivery and content for me to date - Leigh Naden, Elmtree Garden Centre

    Best course I have ever attended involving fun, incorporating all learning styles so fit for everyone, Thank you - Tom Hanson, Elmtree Garden Centre

    Valuable experience and knowledge gained from the course. I have evaluated certain aspects of my leadership skills and have taken plenty away in which I think will be of value to the company I work for - Sean Ives, Metroline

    Really insightful course, well delivered - Bev Letherby, Archus

    September 2021 - Open Management Academy ILM3 & 5
  • September, 2021

    The Management Academy has been really useful in developing skills and knowledge to be able to lead, grow and inspire my team. - April McEniry

    Amazing support and communication from Simon and Tina, nothing was too much for them, and on a weekend - Andy Grant

    I really enjoyed thinking about learning styles and motivation of team members - this has helped me to consider my approach to their development and how to best support them - Rachel Rose

    September 2021 - Five Rivers ILM 5 Management Academy
  • October, 2020

    I want to say a BIG thank you to Simon Thorpe at Expressions who was my trainer for the Management Academy. I started it at the beginning of the year and due to Covid there was a bit of a delay. Through my redundancy and general difficulty of lockdown Simon has been an amazing help. Simon and his team at Expressions Partnership go above and beyond every time and carried on through lockdown when many stopped.

    If you or your company needs any training, development or a nudge in the right direction I highly recommend Expressions Partnership. The training was interactive, even when we moved to Zoom during lockdown. You learn practical and relevant techniques by using real scenarios rather than abstract hypothetical situations. They cater for all types of learners and I felt I was able to leave with a whole new range of skills.

    Big thank you and looking forward to when I can put what I’ve learnt into action. - Hannah Foreman

    April 2020 - Open Management Academy
  • February, 2020

    "As a new manager I found every element of the course useful."

    "Simon is an awesome trainer that myself and everyone on the course have total respect for."

    "My attention was held totally, and the content was all relevant and useful to my daily jobs."

    Keith Bagwell, Benefits Team Leader

    East Devon District Council In-House Management Academy 2019/20
  • February, 2020

    "Delivery of content was far above expectations and of that I have received before....I'd like to thank Expressions for giving me a strong platform for my future career." - Steve Roach, Infrastructure Officer

    "A very worthwhile course that I can see will improve my ability to lead within my workplace....Simon was a very good trainer, each of his sessions were engaging and well-paced." - Pete Johns, Principal Infrastructure Analyst

    Strata - ILM Management Academy 2019/20
  • February, 2020

    "I am more focused and organised on management perspectives rather than just technical....Thoroughly enjoyed it." - Paul McWatt, Team Lead & Service Engineer

    "Improved communication....Improved self-confidence...Improved interactions with other team members." - Craig Hayes, Blood Transfusion Domain Lead

    "Eye opening detail regarding recruitment and what should/shouldn't be done." - Jon Pryor, Service Manager

    "Great learning & better thinking makes me a better manager... Simon is awesome! Good, clear explanations." - Sohail Chaudhry, Software Test Lead

    CliniSys Solutions Ltd In-House Management Academy Programme 2019/2020
  • September, 2018

    I like the "Open" Management Academy because my team get to meet other people in business, different sorts of business and different sorts of people who are within management.

    Being able to share that infomation and look at it from a different point of view from a different business has been absolutely invaluable.

    It's really inspired people to progress within their role.

    It's really been a part of their career plan


    Carey Galloway, Director, Spec Savers
  • September, 2018

    The Management Academy has changed how I view and do things in a positive way, both for me individually and for my company. It makes you re-evaluate how you view day to day life. It is presented in a friendly and understanding way that openly invites any questions or concerns.
    I can highly recommend The Management Academy.


    Jen Moule Centre Manager Safari MK
  • September, 2018

    Fantastic training! The course is really relevant to todays role of the manager. Expressions provides great support throughout and this continues once the course is completed. The way the training is delivered suited me perfectly. I hate role play and this was a perfect combination of individual, team and group learning and interaction. 
    I have recommended Expressions to lots of other companies and will continue to do so.

    Kelly Edwards Business Development Manager Copland Events
  • March, 2017

    ‘Expressions ran a Presenting with Impact Master Class for my Leadership team, using video analyses, storyboarding and several other techniques. He did a ‘before and after’ Video on the presentations. The improvement and impact of the training was evident. Following the training the team presented with more confidence and in a much more engaging way that relied less on slides.  I would highly recommend this course for anybody who regularly delivers presentations, public speeches or is customer facing.’

    Stephen Murphy Global Sales Director DJO Global
  • March, 2016

    I would like to thank Expressions for bringing us together as an Executive Team and allowing us to spend precious time getting us to work more collaboratively. They provided a thought provoking and valuable framework which has already proven to show to break down barriers and to help to change the mind set of all of the people who have attended the sessions. The tools that were imparted are a fantastic catalyst for what will be achieved here in the future.


    Noel Dixon - I.T and Communication Executive The Hurlingham Club
  • February, 2016

    “ Having been on leadership and management training throughout my career and been sceptical about the effectiveness, Expressions completely changed my perception. The programme was geared to our specific needs and has been a revelation. For a team about to grow and for a business about to relocate, it was exactly what we needed. We are now implementing further training, through Expressions, for the rest of the company”

    Mathew Prestwich - Partner R&G Herbs
  • January, 2016

    After nearly 18 years of selling I have been reminded of some major principles and learnt some new ones.  Thank you. 
    Howard Watson, Outsourced Sales & Marketing 

    Howard Watson Outsourced Sales and Marketing
  • January, 2016

    The programme enabled us to stand back and focus on the performance of the company and its employees. Helping us to design and implement an achievable business plan which has led to a massive measurable improvement in performance and staff morale. I don’t think the programme could have been better or more valuable.

    Mark Guinn Director - Strata Coring Ltd Buckinghamshire
  • January, 2016

    I just wanted to e-mail you with some feeback, I'm just finishing my second year as a manager with Leaders, and as an office we will be £25k over our targeted figure.  This is down to many little things that Lewisham, as an office, have been putting into place such as diary planning, directing and leading the branch to forecast levels so profits and cost is achieved. Planning a more structured day for ourselves, resulting in consistency and success enabling us to all face in the right direction.
    We have been working more effectively as a team and this has contributed into a very successful outcome for the financial year!  I had my budget meeting with Kim Evans & Allison Thompson last week and they are very pleased with our year performance.
    As a manager, I'm constantly referring to my management guide and notes, this has been the perfect aid in my focus, on achieving branch expectations.
    Many thanks again Expressions, it’s been a pleasure.


    Tim Loader, Branch Manager - Leaders, Lewisham
  • November, 2015

    We provided a ‘Health and wellbeing workshop’ for my team which consisted of an inspirational speaker from Expressions who led an interactive workshop aimed at inspiring people to live their lives in a way to be more happy, less stressful, more understanding. 

    I have to admit that at first I was very worried that people might not fully appreciate all of these things, and that they might think I was a complete fruitcake. I decided to just go with my instinct. In the event there was an almost euphoric wave of optimism and good feeling amongst staff who were outspoken in their appreciation. They all felt that they had benefitted from all of the wellbeing services, and had learnt a lot. As a result we have worked with our staff to provide some ongoing health and wellbeing – related services on an ongoing basis. We now have flexible lunch hours to allow staff to go out for a group walk, we’ve organised our own private pilates class, we have fruit delivered to the office instead of sweets and chocolate, and we’ve organised various health conscious events.

    I originally arranged this as a kind of reward, but what I didn’t anticipate was that at the end it felt more like an investment. It helped to enhance the ‘team’ feeling, and you could sense the overall ‘good feeling’. Personally I felt extremely good about myself for having arranged this, and I also felt that it helped to enhance the all-important bond between owners and staff whereby everybody helps each other. I made some big changes to my own diet and, as a result, have found myself more focused and productive, for longer in the day – I estimate that I’m getting an extra 2 hours of quality output from myself.  If this can be applied to the whole workforce that can make a big difference.
    The professionalism and attitude of all the practitioners has been first class and the service has been provided with a smile, with no negative issues at all.
    To be absolutely honest, my experience is that this service has been a revelation and it has been an uplifting experience both for myself and my team. As an accountant who advises businesses, I feel that it is something we should all invest more in. After all, we are happy to spend money oiling and repairing our machines and equipment, but how much do we spend on our best asset, our staff? And if they’re not our best asset, they could be… 

    elsby & co chartered accountants
  • November, 2015

    Project Management bespoke 2 day programme Nov-Dec 2015

    “I have had some great feedback from the team and just wanted to say thank you on behalf of us all.  Both sessions have proved to be invaluable to the team. Everyone seems to be doing well and have started to implement bits from the training which is really good.”


    Emma Barnes Senior Football Development Officer Surrey Football Association
  • October, 2015

    I found both the workshop and boot camp elements of the Leadership training beneficial. They helped me reflect on the way I interact with and am perceived by others, as well as giving me a better understanding of my colleagues. The Expressions team are engaging and motivating and use participative content to make training sessions interesting. I'd happily recommend this course to others in business leadership roles.

    Stuart Whiting – Pre Contracts Manager, Prater
  • September, 2015

    The Leadership Academy, in different forms, has been delivered to all staff (50) across the business and has been instrumental in helping establish a common culture and business focus supporting the delivery of shared behavioural characteristics, respect and values.
    The Leadership Academy has also provided individuals with the opportunity to reflect on their own personal development and in some cases, resulting in enhanced self awareness, confidence and aspirations in a most positive sense.
    We now consider the Leadership Academy to be an intrinsic part of the future development of our staff and company profile and, as such, consider Simon Thorpe and Expressions a natural extension of our organisation.

    Paul Ring - Managing Director Hydralectric LTD
  • August, 2015

    The Leadership Academy was a highly beneficial experience - in particular it helped bring into perspective the critical difference between working 'in' and 'on' the business - and the different skill set needed to do this effectively.   

    The Boot Camp provided a practical opportunity to deploy skills learnt and provided a fun, interactive, finale to the Academy.

    Alistair Hill – Commercial Manager, Prater
  • July, 2015

    As a small Company , naive and rather dubious of this sort of Training, it quickly became apparent that IiP care about their Clients, they have led the way in developing the concept of standards making them relevant to our business.

    Keith Whiting - MD - Kierson LTD Hampshire
  • March, 2015

    Expressions has the ability to customise advice to meet the needs of our business.
    Good insight into the nature of our business.
    Enthusiastic and positive approach. 
    Abby Auty – Director – Red Balloon Day Nursery Surrey

    Abby Auty Red Balloon Day Nursery Surrey
  • February, 2015

    We gained a new way of seeing our business and the people that work with and for us. Learning to communicate is a key role in any successful business and identifying the different ways different people respond to information and instruction was a real benefit to our operation. We now have a clear business plan and achievable objectives

    Sean Ruck MD Whistlebrook Construction Buckinghamshire
  • February, 2015

    It’s amazing how the Boot Camp naturally brings together all the points you've discussed & learnt in the Workshops. Each Workshop will encourage you to consider & look at topics from a different perceptive, giving you the opportunity to reflect.

    Daniel Eldridge – Buying Manager, Prater
  • March, 2014

    The main benefit of working with Expressions and  IiP has been that we have doubled our workload, given jobs to many different people and increased our turnover and profits. 


    Chris Lewis MD CRL LTD Berkshire
  • March, 2014

    The Service Expressions gave us enabled us a team to review and identify our strengths and opportunities that exist within our business. We were given clear constructive advice from our adviser that could easily be implemented to improve our centre performance. Our Team individually enjoyed the opportunity to present our achievement over the last 3 years and our assessor made them very comfortable throughout the interview process. 


    John Moran General Manager Birchwood Park Golf Centre Kent
  • March, 2014

    Simon is a great communicator – tailoring everything to suit his audience – with a real can do approach.  He has become a great help to me as Director giving excellent support – a true confidant!
    He is an excellent coach.


    Jamie Crittall MD Beech House Vets
  • March, 2013

    I have been meaning to write to you for some time to express our thanks to you and the Expressions organisation for your assistance in pulling our thoughts together and helping us to design our Customer 1st Program.
    Your initial enthusiasm for the project together with your valuable input into what really mattered to our customers and importantly how our staff and management teams interfaced with them was essential to the success of the program. 

    You will recall that we had many meetings to discuss what would be the best way of conveying our ideas and thoughts. Your guidance in how to deliver the workshops to our people were ‘spot on’ and more importantly the delivery by yourself was first class. The business has already seen a significant improvement in our team members ability to communicate with our customers and awareness of what is important to them.  Clearly we are only at the first stage of this journey but I am clear that already we have made a difference to the business and the part that you personally and Expressions have played has been instrumental in the program’s success.

    Now that we are entering the second year of the program I am looking forward to working with you and the team to deliver truly great internal champions and from the atmosphere I witnessed at your recent workshop at Abbey Hill this month this is off to an excellent start.

    Well done and once again thank you for the support you have given to the business. 

    Colin Mayes CEO Burhill Golf and Leisure LTD UK Wide
  • The advisory support and the workshops drew my attention to my failings and with Simon’s excellent advice we have turned the whole company around and have benefitted beyond expectations in the present climate.

    Chris Lewis MD CRL Fire and Flood LTD Berkshire
  • Simon is a highly enthusiastic person and this rubs off on our staff. However the best aspect of his service is his ability to convey HR or training issues in laymen’s terms and in a manner that the staff enjoy/ relate to.

    Gordon Forster - General Manager - Abbey Hill Golf Centre Buckinghamshire
  • It really helped my corporation understand the importance of putting everything into place and in return the revenue will increase. It really gives a clear direction to all employees and in return everyone is working and heading in the same direction.

    Chris Andrews MD Personal Touch Fitness Surrey
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