233% greater customer loyalty

27 Sep 2017

Companies with an employee engagement program enjoy 233% greater customer loyalty*

Employee engagement programs help companies enjoy 26% greater annual increase in revenue*

The Open Management Academy offers just 15 managers and potential managers the essential skills, tools, experience and pragmatism to get the very best from their people and deliver the results your organisation wants.

Eight interactive modules covering the essentials in people and performance management over 4 monthly one day courses. 

Who's delivering at the sharp end for the company?

The ability to deliver great customer experience and to do it consistently is what helps companies to survive and grow.

Who delivers these experiences ?

It is the employees and as such it is vital that companies provide them with the right knowledge and tools to do their job. 

Not just the company mission statement

A strong team whose members support and rely on each other will outperform other teams accross the board.

However performance has to be linked to company objectives and communicated as such.

Companies with employee engagement programs demonstrate financial improvements by fostering an environment where employees are motivated to satisfy clients.
The businesses achieve 26% greater year over year increase in annual company revenue compared to all others (15.5% vs 12.3%)

A clear distinction

The employee engagement approach recognises a criteria which correlates employee performance and productivity with happy customers and embedded in that and clearly communicated to the employees, the company goals.

Equipping the employees with the knowledge, tools and incentive's both in terms of career progression, financial and non financial are all related.

Common sense but ....

It all sounds very common sense and many companies embrace the essential criteria in respect of:

1. Employee perfomance and productivity
2. Customer satisfaction

However with a tendency to identify and thus measure them separately as two separate pursuits as opposed to an integrated strategic approach with the improved business performance.

Fostering an Environment where employees are motivated.

The "Open" Academy is for managers from all business sectors who want to manage themselves and their business better, to relate to their team more effectively and lead and develop the team to it's full potential.

"We wouldn't keep doing them if they didn't give us a better turnover, a better profit and more engagement from our team."

Carey Galoway, Retail Director: SpecSavers

"Everyone is clear as to our expectations and they are proud to deliver them"

Dean Fowler, MD,  R&G Herbs

This is not a series of lectures
The maximum number of delegates per Open Academy is 15 by design to ensure your full participation and interactive engagement.

More than fifteen on a course dilutes the involvement, learning and impact and we are not in the business of delivering lectures. 

Each day on the course results in homework.

The added benefit of the Open Management Academy is that you or your manager(s) will meet other managers from a range of different organisations and sectors sharing, learning and networking.

The next scheduled course for managers and people aspiring to management positions is on 16th November 2017.

* research data published by The Aberdeen Group