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Wellbeing Calendar - Day 1

01 Dec, 2020
Today sees the start of our Wellbeing Advent calendar. Some windows will be text, others will be videos. Both are solely aimed at progressively improving our Wellbeing. So to kickstart this season here’s window No.1 Wellbeing is everyone’s business and not something that is for the strange people or for those who are struggling right now. Truth be known everyone struggles from time to time. I know I do and I’m trained and qualified in this field. It’s OK to not feel OK... BUT it’s not OK to continue to not feel OK. Remember we are all human and we will experience a myriad of feelings and emotions which all stem from the views we take of things. Today I encourage you to take a look at your view of things and challenge yourself to find an alternative, more positive, rational and beneficial view which you can start to work towards. See if you can help some else in the same way. Please pass on, share, comment and tag as you see fit. Until tomorrow.... #wellbeing #selfcare

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